Monday, May 6, 2013

La Voz Kids - Telemundo

La Voz Kids (The Voice-Kids) premiered last night on Telemundo.  Even though this format is not old yet, it is very well known by most people. I was afraid that this was going to be a copy-paste from its original run on NBC with the only difference being in Spanish. Paulina Rubio was one of the coaches from the Mexican Version La Voz Mexico (The Voice – Mexico) last season. It was very easy to guess what was going to happen in this U.S. version.

The show surprised me since the beginning.  Although it was the same format as the one used on NBC, it was very well adapted for kids.  Compared to other singing reality shows dedicated to children like Pequeños Gigantes –Televisa/Univision, La Voz Kids talks to kids like kids, neither the coaches or the hosts treat the children like small adults. It was remarkable the way kids are rejected from the competition. This edition of the Voice avoided all cruelty and reminded us that kids are more sensitive, honest and that they needed to be treated with love.  

The coaches: Paulina Rubio, Prince Royce and Roberto Tapia.  It is obvious that Paulina is the star of the show. She sits in the middle and is the one that leads the show. Prince Royce is very friendly with the kids and shows his sweet side while talking to contestants. However, Roberto Tapia was extremely shy and didn’t talk much, not even to convince the contestants to join his team. It almost seemed that he had nothing to do in the show. Please note that I am not questioning his talent here.

The kids: Amazing voices, very charismatic kids!

A new aspect to this show is the family history each kid brings to the show.  Opposed to the NBC version where the only story that matters is the contestant’s, La Voz Kids enhances the family values.

A very positive aspect of the show is that the kids are allowed to sing in Spanish and English, acknowledging the diversity in our community.  Our kids are fully bilingual and they can sing and speak in their language of choice.

A very smart thing to do was bringing American-Latino Celebrities to host the show. We are used to seeing Mexican hosts in most Hispanic reality shows in the US. This time Daisy Fuentes makes an emphasis that this is a TV show produced by and for Latinos in the US. Her Spanish accent makes it more interesting.

¡Bien por Telemundo y por La Voz Kids!

Diego R. Villatoro
Twitter: diegoinla


  1. Sorry I dont agree with you.....Paulina ,Roy and Roberto aport the same to the kid...they treat then very well but Roberto is very sentitive,,thats the only difference...!

  2. they should be doing everything in Spanish. the are doing music in english what is going on